Featured Artists

Spokane Made is bringing in Featured Artists to expand the selection of eco-friendly, low-waste and health & well-being products we know you’ll love! Each artist will contribute a special, unique item or two that align with our values. Our Featured Artists section will also help small businesses across the country grow and flourish. Each small business will help you make the transition to low-waste, a healthier well-being, or provide the perfect gift for that special someone in your family or circle of friends.


Spokane Made Featured Artist Sophie Anns Jams and things

Sophie Ann’s Jams & Things is based out of St Petersburg, Florida, and owned by Kat K. After 30 years in the hospitality and retail industries, Kat changed directions and became a chameleon. She is a graphic artist, stage manager, jam maker, and a maker of cat toys, lavender sachets and eye pillows.

Kat says, “I was given an Eye Pillow as a gift about 20 years ago. I had it for years and years, long after the scent faded away. When I wanted to replace it, I couldn’t find anything like it. So, I made one for myself.” A few months later, a friend suggested that Kat make several in different scents and set up a table next to her at a local Art Walk. 13 years later, Kat is still making/selling eye pillows as one of the more popular items of her craft show business, Sophie Ann’s Jams & Things.

You can find her Eye Pillows here. To learn more about Sophie Ann’s Jams & Things, click here.

Spokane Made Featured Artists JuneeB Designs

JuneeB Designs is based out of Spokane, WA, and is owned by June Brown, who just recently acquired Spokane Made! June has worked to incorporate ease, style, and practicality in her best selling product, the Snappy Pouch. The easiest wallet you’ll ever need, the Snappy Pouch clips onto your keychain and holds your most important essentials like cash, cards, bluetooth trackers, and IDs. The Snappy Pouch has been featured in both Brave Crate and MilsoBox subscription boxes for military spouses.

To learn more about JuneeB Designs, click here. You can find the Snappy Pouches here.