Dog Bag Dispenser- Carabiner Attachment

Dress up your leash and care for your community all at the same time. These waste bag holders come in many colorful fabrics. And, they are affordable enough to keep one on each leash and an extra in the car!

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Each waste pouch is designed to hold one standard roll of disposable poop bags. We suggest a veggie-based bag, to be gentler on the planet.
The waste pouch is made from 100% upcycled cotton (from the scraps of masks).
Because each item is made to order, design placement will vary.
Each *Dog Bag Dispenser – Carabiner Attachment* comes with a small carabiner. Some product photos have a clasp, others have a carabiner. If you prefer a clasp attachment, please go to: *Dog Bag Dispenser- Carabiner Attachment*


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