Grab Bag Five Pack – Dark

Having a hard time picking masks? Don’t have the time or energy to scroll through our abundant options? Looking for a great deal and are not picky about which mask you get? This grab bag makes your next five (5) masks easy to secure. Our super comfortable, stylish, and unique masks in one great deal. We pick five (5) of our dark color masks with dark inside fabric and dark straps. You get an easy selection of masks at a great deal!

*The photo is an example of a dark grab bag. We might choose other masks, depending on the types of fabric we have. Please leave a note in the order if you have specific needs. Thank you!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our hand-sewn, high-quality double-layer cotton fabric masks come in fun and stylish colors and patterns for men, women, and kids. The masks attach to your face with two elastic bands that go around the ear. They provide full-face coverage that sits well above the nose and provides a large breathing pocket and a tight fit. They do not come with a filter or have a pocket for filters, and they are not a replacement for surgical masks or respirators that many healthcare professionals should be using.

While double-layer cotton masks are currently recommended by the CDC and others to help slow the spread of COVID-19, there are no guarantees and we make no claims that our masks or any masks will protect you or others from infection.


Kids Double Layer, Small Double Layer, Large Double Layer, XL Double Layer