PaperLess Towels – Grey Burst

Dark grey and light grey backgrounds play host to the burst of white on this modern paperless towel.  This simple set comes with slight variations on each towel from the same pattern.

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If you’re in North America, some of the fiber in your paper towels (and other tissue products like toilet paper) probably started off as a tree in the boreal forest of northern Canada, one of the last big, intact forests in the world.

Stop spending money on all those paper towels/paper napkins that you‘re going to throw away after one use?
Reduce your consumption of all those paper products and decrease household waste, while helping to protect the environment.

These reusable cotton towels have rounded edges that are made with an overlock stitch for durability and to prevents fraying.

Please wash before use. Each wash will increase the absorbency!

Machine wash in like colors (without fabric softener to maintain absorbency) and tumble dry low or hang to dry.

This cotton fabric becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Please expect some shrinkage as this product is made of cotton and is not pre-washed.

Paper towel cardboard tube is “NOT” included and towels will arrive folded.

These paperless towels like to cling together, so you can roll them very easily in used paper towel cardboard tubes. And each towel comes off very easily when you want to get one off the roll without unraveling second and third ones like real paper towels. To roll, simply lay flat with the bottom side up, roll each sheet one after another onto the roll.

Made in Spokane, Washington

10.5” tall by 14” wide, with surged, rounded edges.

Single ply towels (double ply upon request, please email directly)
Set of 6 Single-Ply: $18
Set of 12 Single-Ply: $32

View how to roll these onto a cardboard tube!

PaperLESS Towels

Single-Ply set of 6, Single-Ply set of 12, Double-Ply set of 6, Double Ply set of 12

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