Soft Pewter Grey Napkins/Tissues/Wipes

Shades of Grey grace your picnic, placemat, or pocket. These versatile cloths can be used for counter clean-ups, or go into your lettuce bag to keep the leaves fresh. Place them in a basket in your living room, or bring them along in your pocket for when your nose starts to run.  They work great as baby wipes and ride along in the car for emergency clean-ups. Wash and reuse to your heart’s content.

Shades of Grey: Set of 12
Cloud Garden: Set of 4
Silver Shrub: Set of 4
Steel Roses: Set of 4

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These super soft 9″ by 9″ cloths are perfect for a casual napkin, pocket tissue, or general wipe. These fit nicely into a lunch box or lunch sack or pack up a set for a picnic. If you have seasonal allergies or the dreaded cold these are soft on your nose and wash up for many uses. The edges are surged for durability.

Machine wash cold, dry on low.


Cloud Garden, Shades of Grey, Silver Shrub, Steel Roses