Kitchen Sponge


Introducing a new household item to the Spokane Made line, Kitchen Sponges. Each sponge is made from scraps, is mostly biodegradable, large enough to fit your hand comfortably, and is made to last.

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Kitchen Sponge

Our new Spokane Made Kitchen Sponges are made from scraps, and are mostly compostable and biodegradable. Each sponge is large enough to fit your hand comfortably, and is made to last through hundreds of washes. They are made to match your Paperless Towel set to compliment your kitchen.

The Spokane Made Kitchen Sponges make great housewarming gifts, especially when paired with the Paperless Towels! They are a great way to cut down on waste, since the outer layer can be composted when they can no longer be used. Just take the sponge apart with a seam ripper, and toss into a commercial or personal compost bin (the mesh is nylon, and must be thrown in the garbage). Each sponge has a polyester core, which will need to be thrown away.

Care instructions are included. To launder, add to kitchen laundry, wash in warm or tepid water, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or use fabric softener/dryer sheets. Measures approx. 3”x5”. Made of cotton and polyester fiberfill.

Single Sponge: $9
Set of 2: $15


Kitchen Sponge

Single, 2-Pack

Kitchen Sponge Pattern

Pretty Mushrooms, Mediterannean, Evening Forest, Fall Harvest, Mahalo, Oasis, Polynesian Garden


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