Tag Crinkle Blanket



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Made from 100% cotton fabrics with noisy cellophane for the interior. The tags are poly and decorated without ink. These blankets come in various sizes and will keep babies entertained with the crinkle sound and the sensory of different tags.

Available in various fabric patterns, with one side in flannel and one in quilters cotton. All fabrics can be made into any size blanket and come in 6″, 8″, or 10″ with tags measuring beyond the fabric. All fabrics are gender-neutral, but please reach out if you are looking for something specific!

Please see the photo of the Tag Blankets with the ruler for sizing, and the binki is just for context!
The 6″ has three tags on each side.
The 8″ has four tags on each side.
The 10″ has four tags on each side.

*Please note, the product images are just to show fabrics and do not represent the size of each specific image. The baby in the photo is playing with the 10″ tag blanket.

Made in Spokane by Maria, the same wonderful woman who makes Spokane Masks.

Tag Blanket

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