Winter Berries Swiffer Mop Pads


Winter Berries pattern partnered with durable terry cloth make these exclusive Spokane Made Swiffer Mop Pads. These colorful mop pads grab more dirt than Swiffer Brand disposable pads. Each order includes a recipe for homemade floor disinfectant cleaner (bottle not included).

Winter Berries Swiffer Mop Pads are available! These re-useable Swiffer mop pads are little workhorses for cleaning hard surface floors. The bottom is made of terry cloth, and the sides are made of batik cotton. They work best as a wet mop and can be turned over to use the other side while cleaning floors. Spray your favorite floor cleaner, and wipe it up. For the extra long mop head, double up and get it done! Winter Berries Swiffer Mop Pads are 100% cotton, and can be composted when they wear out.

-Set of 4

-Wash in hot water and dry on low after each use.

-Will only work with the green Swiffer Mop

*Swiffer mop is a name-brand floor cleaner, and is not included.